If you have been named as an Executor or Administrator of an estate, you have an important responsibility. Although it may seem overwhelming, there is a process to follow, and with the right help and resources, we can make it as easy as possible on you.

Thanks to technology, we can even handle most things remotely if you're not local, and keep you informed every step of the way.

Working with reputable providers for services such as cleaning, haul-away, estate sales, lawn care, repairs, and more, there really isn't any situation that can't be addressed expertly and efficiently.​

Please be careful of those "quick all-cash" offers you're likely getting calls and letters about. Let's verify the property's value first and see if they really are such a good deal, or if they are offering far below what it could sell for and banking on you not knowing any better. ​Even homes in original or neglected condition that would be deemed a "fixer" may be worth more than you think! 

Please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm glad to answer any questions.

“Lara, you have done an amazing job every step of the way. Your flexibility and perseverance have been so effective in managing this entire process. Thank you.”       -David B. (Executor)

Probate and  Trust Specialist

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